PHOTO/AUTO -Outdoor Vegging (Includes Shipping TO NM, AZ & OK ONLY)

PHOTO/AUTO -Outdoor Vegging (Includes Shipping TO NM, AZ & OK ONLY)

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This mixture is specifically designed to be used in outdoor posts in an outdoor greenhouses or hoophouses.  Anything grown under the sun will thrive in this blend. The fertility package added covers the full spectrum of nutritional needs your plants will require through its entire lifecycle through harvest. 

The inclusion of our porous and nutrient rich Good Medicine Compost provides an unparalleled carbon source that enables microbes to  proliferate throughout entire life cycle of plant and  adds tons of air holding capacity and optimal moisture retention for later plant root extraction as needed.  Gives plants a firm footing to anchor into to handle extra weight created during flowering phase. 


Sold only in bulk and 54 cubic foot super-sacks.


Transplant 21 day old seedlings or clone rootings into using a raised bed configuration.  Space plants throughout bed based on your canopy design.  Water only for the duration of the average life cycle a phot0-period cultivar. May need to add extra cal-mag along the way.  


Sphagnum Peat Moss, Horticulture Perlite, Aged Pine Bark, Good Medicine Compost, COFFEE-K and our 4/20 (4-20-10) fertilizer package with non-plant food micronutrient package.  


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