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Exclusive to New Mexico 2022. You provide the right light and the willingness to get a little dirty with your hands in the dirt, and the Chief will take care of the rest!

The Good Medicine Autoflower Grow Box is being built for a grow near you and we want to get it in the hands of Good Medicine connoisseurs like you. We hand crafted and curated each product that you will receive in your first Good Medicine Autoflower Grow Box. 

We provide you with 1 Packet of our exclusive Comanche Compost Seed Starter designed to deliver optimal seedling specifications for the perfect start of your grow. You will germinate EXCLUSIVE Gnome Automatics from Full Duplex hand selected for Comanche's Auto-Flower Grow Box.

We will also include 2 – 6-quart bags of our Peace Pipe Potting Vegging Soil that was built for transplanting your seedlings as they mature into the vegging stage. As your plants develop and grow larger, they will demand the natural nutrients in the Comanche Compost Vegging Soil provided. The soil is naturally rich in organic nutrients and allows the plant to produce maximum yields, great vegetative growth, and a foundation for complex terpene profiles throughout flowering. This soil was engineered to transplant four-week-old plants into the 2 – 1.4-gallon Air Pots provided increases nutrient availability improving growth. We chose to provide this system because of the porosity incorporated into the design. It provides better conditions for our biological active soil bacteria. The improved environment for bacteria activity thus makes nutrients more available to the plant. This has been found to improve growth and increase resistance to disease throughout the grow.

After the vegetative growth cycle your plants will be ready to go into bloom and need to be replenished with the ideal nutrients. We provided 4 – 6-quart bags of our Peace Pipe Potting Flowering Soil and 2 - 3.4 gallon Air Pots to up-pot into to make sure your blooms and roots have the right nutrients to room to provide plants optimal conditions to explode during flowering. This particular soil is super charged to promote advanced flowering and fruiting, allowing the craft tastes and smells to fully form their unique characteristics. It comes loaded with potassium derived from the added COFFEE-K, this powerful soil tailored to produce big buds will amp terpene levels in every way possible throughout the flowering stages of the Good Grow.

Included in Every Good Medicine Autoflower Grow Box:

2 - 3 gallon Air Pots To Up-Pot Into

 (4) World Class Seeds (2 Different Cultivars)



  • 4 Exclusive Gnome Automatics- Auto-Flower Seeds             (2 Separate Cultivars)

  • 1 Packet of our exclusive Comanche Compost Seed Starter

  • 2 – 6-quart bags of our Peace Pipe Potting Vegging Soil

  • 4 – 6-quart bags of our Peace Pipe Potting Flowering Soil

  • 2 – 1.4-gallon Air Pots

  • 2 – 3.4-gallon Air Pots



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