Old Traditions in Changing Times

Comanche Compost Co. originated in Parker County, Texas which is the very ground where the eastern most frontier collided with the unchartered western territories of Comancheria for over 100 years. Forever anchored to this rugged land in both family name and in legend is the last, greatest Comanche Chief, Quahna Parker. Quahna Parker’s story is undeniably one of the most remarkable in all of Native American history. Its a story of growth, expansion, change, adaptation and perseverance against all odds.

In this spirit, Comanche Compost Co. was founded to offer growing solutions that combine the generational knowledge of outdoor growers from the Pacific Northwest with the latest emerging techniques and methodologies arising from the indoor growing culture of the Southwest to produce undeniable results. In a nutshell, we incorporate new science-based cultivation methods with old craft growing techniques to create proven products that produce results.

Our products are living soil blends, composts, organic dry fertilizers & plant stimulants which are all naturally rich in organic nutrients, acids & enzymes and teaming with specific microbes. Our unique recipes are proven to support consistent growth from seed germination, all the way through to harvest, with a hyper-focus on the development of potency, flavors and aromas of the end product. We combine the spiritual with the scientific to produce an undeniable difference in every product.

We are not only good stewards for the good grow but also of the earth. Our products are designed to leave the earth better then we found it. We are always pushing the limits on what we can do to limit our dependence on peat moss and other unsustainable growing products to leave the industry in a better place than when we found it.