August 26, 2021

You know what’s better than giving your plant organic nutrients? Growing your plants in a living soil.

A living soil is a type of soil with an active colony of microorganisms. It’s like the soil a plant would use in nature, only it’s even better because it’s been amended with exactly the right kind of nutrients and supplements.

There’s evidence buds grown in this medium tend to have a more varied and complex terpene profile, which may lead to buds that smell and taste better.

Comanche Compost Company has been leading the way in cannabis terpene and terpenoid research by growing cannabis in a variety of ways and then directly measuring the terpene content in the buds. They have found that while hydroponic grows tend to get much higher yields (with the exception of a few Indica strains), soil-grown buds tend to have a more complex terpene profile.

We produce premiere living super soils that grow Texas sized tastes and smells! They key is in our Special Coffee-K Potassium additive that focuses on getting the terpenes to express themselves in the boldest way possible. Shop our Peace Pipe Potting Soils.