Good Medicine for the Good Grow: Building Comanche Compost

December 13, 2021

To better understand the composting process at Comanche Compost you must understand what compositing is and understand why our products are so much different than the other guys. In reality our soil is alive while the other guy’s soil is royally dead.

Composting is nuanced process that combines art and science with a whole lot of patience. It takes a vision of what natural goodness that you do have and where you want to be. It is a true art form that is being lost generationally with every aging farmer, farm sold, and is not present in your average bagged soil solution that is created without care and sold with a gimmick.

Ask anyone who has grown medicine and they will tell you one thing is for certain, good plants come from good soil, good soil is alive, and teeming with nutrients. Your plants are what you give them and those plants most grow from good ingredients. In an industry fueled by trendy bottled nutrients, heavy chemical fertilizers, and the next best thing in cannabis cultivation, it is a rarity to see a company turning one industry’s waste into a prized possession for another.

This is the beginning of our story and how we became leaders in the soil industry with our innovative products that come from food waste manufacturing and north American suppliers, and how we manufacture all of our products in house through a self-distribution model started from the ground up. We have deep roots in traditional organic agriculture, greenhouse agronomy, and cannabis cultivation, and we as a team have applied all that knowledge to craft the products we proudly sell today. We have turned dirt into soil, “coffee into cannabis” (we will get into details about that later) and aim to leave this earth a better place than when we found it.

Composting 101

Comanche Compost Co. is reviving the idea of traditional composting and sustainability by creating our products by diverting coffee waste from industry coffee producers. Each one of our products is hand crafted by our Master Composter and Soil Blenders and quality tested at each step to ensure Master Cultivator specifications, we are proud to produce Good Medicine for the Good Grow and we are even more proud that we do it while leaving the Earth a better place.

Good Ingredients In, Great Soil Out

It all starts with what we do at our manufacturing facility in Azle, Texas. Our whole system revolves around composting and when our main ingredient is composted to our specifications. In the simplest terms, compost is decomposed organic matter. It is the process of adding biodegradable materials together in a balanced form, such as mushroom substrate, cold brew coffee grounds, worm castings, leaves, cannabis waste, and other organic waste materials to create a rich, nutrient dense, dark, crumbly soil that can be utilized alone or added to a substrate to create a healthy medium for your plants.

We only put organic materials that are OMRI approved because our soil is made to create Good Medicine. You will not find synthetic additives, non-food chemicals, or inorganic materials in our composting cycle due in part to our principles as a company and to ensure that any of your heavy metal, residual pesticide, and guaranteed analysis test are up to grade for your cultivation practices.


Compost Thermometer

We strive for aerobic composting conditions for each of our windrows (large piles of soil) and batches of Comanche Compost. Heat is released during the composting process and our large composting masses retain the heat of the exothermic-biological reaction and the internal temperatures for our active compost piles are between 90 degrees and 140 degrees Fahrenheit with an optimum range of 135-160. We utilize water and turning to increase oxygen levels and regulate temperature to make sure that we have optimal conditions throughout our composting cycle. We have found that our range for our process is ideally 140-145 degrees Fahrenheit because this ensures the death of insects, pests, and other harmful organisms that may end up in your grow.


Good Medicine for the Good Grow is a principle that has been with us since before we started commercially producing our soils for commercial cannabis cultivators, closet growers, or backyard gardeners.

Creating healthy plants and maximizing yields with complex terpenes has to be matched by a cascade of available, organic, biologically available nutrients.

Step 1- Create a circular economy with recycling Cold Brew Coffee Waste and other organic byproducts to create sustainable soil with amazing properties.

Step 2- Compost it with expert agronomy knowledge with a Master Composter and blender under our specifications, in house, utilizing our proprietary knowledge, equipment and expertise.

Step 3- Hit ideal guaranteed analysis and ship to growers who want a biologically alive soil derived from organic materials utilize our domestic production and in house logistics.

All this work results in a fine product like the Peace Pipe Potting Outdoor Vegging Soil Mix. It is naturally rich in organic nutrients, this living soil produces maximum yields and promotes complex terpene profiles by combining a living compost with Mycorrhizae root fungi, two types of long-fibered sphagnum peat mosses, horticulture perlite, and aged pine bark. Designed to transplant four-week-old plants into for outdoor grows in containers.

The ingredients include Sphagnum Peat Moss, Horticulture Perlite, Aged Pine Bark, Good Medicine Compost, Wildroot Organic Mycorrhizae, Composted Coffee Grounds, Norwegian Seaweed Extract, Utah Humates, Texas Green Sand, Gypsum, Poultry Meal and Sunflower Hull Ash.

These particular long-fibered peat mosses used are highly sought after by top cannabis cultivators and deliver consistent water holding, dry down & capillary re-hydrating action in every bag. Ensures optimal moisture retention. Feeds plants up to 28 days.

Our unique compost component increases the total diversity and biomass of the microbiology, organic acids and natural enzymes. These are essential to nutrient cycling, disease suppression and natural pest management processes required to produce healthy plants.

Thanks for reading and please visit our shop to get started on your grow and stay social with us and reach out to our team if you have any questions about your soil and fertilizer needs.

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