Southwest Territory Expansion

December 9, 2021

Texas and Oklahoma are great states to let your roots grow. The growing horticultural movements in Texas and the blossoming cannabis cultivation industry in Oklahoma have allowed for Comanche Compost Co to continue to grow and service other areas with our premier products.

Origins of Comanche Compost

Comanche Compost Co. originated in Parker County, Texas which is the very ground where the eastern most frontier collided with the unchartered western territories of Comancheria for over 100 years. Forever anchored to this rugged land in both family name and in legend is the last, greatest Comanche Chief, Quanah Parker. Quanah Parker’s story is undeniably one of the most remarkable in all of Native American history. It’s a story of growth, expansion, change, adaptation and perseverance against all odds.

Born around 1848 in the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma, Quanah Parker was the son of Comanche war chief Peta Nocona and his wife Nautda (“Someone Found”), a woman originally named Cynthia Ann Parker from present day Parker County, Texas.

Through his hospitality, political activism, and speaking engagements, the one-time war chief emerged as a national celebrity with a reputation for wit, warmth, and passionately fought for the legal use of peyote for the use as good medicine.

Headed Out West

We are now moving our premium soil products New Mexico and Arizona with our new production facility and distribution hub we have launched to service our growing tribe in these exciting cannabis markets.

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our footprint for the 2022 cultivation season.

Our team of professionals will now proudly provide services to Southwest cannabis cultivators, horticulture supply stores, and hobby growers alike! We now offer premier soil of choice for cannabis cultivators in the following 4 states, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Production Facilities Expansion

We will serve the Southwest Territory with production facilities located in Azle, Texas, Quemado, New Mexico, and a distribution center located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Please see the map for the highlighted territories we will be proud to service in 2022.

By controlling our production, not outsourcing our material mixing, creating innovative soil products that aim to ween away from single use materials, we are moving in a direction that the cannabis and horticultural industry has not ever seen.

Our proprietary composting process utilizes a scientific and highly controlled approach to create a living, consistent, weed & pathogen free, fertile and healthy product. The engineered microbiology formulas we use to inoculate our compost inputs and outputs is the secret to producing our unparalleled products. Our premium blends and cannabis soil mixes are designed to maximize soil life, plant fertility & health, and water conservation using sustainable, natural and organic practices. We design products that produce desired results. If you contact our team in North Texas, we would be happy to have you tour our facility and learn about our processes.

Contact Comanche Compost Co. today to speak with one of our specialists about your next project and to get a free estimate for our premium living soil solutions to be delivered to your grow!